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Tallit Clip - Star of David - Silver

Tallit Clip - Star of David - Silver

$ 20.00

Silver-plated Star of David Tallit Clip to hold your Tallit in place and free your hands for prayer, holding your bible, etc. The Star of David (King David of ancient Israel) is the international symbol of Israel and the Jewish people, wherever they may live. In Hebrew it is called Magen David literally Shield of David The earliest documented Star of David finds are on a tomb in Italy and a Synagogue arch in the Galilee area-both dating from the 3rd or 4th Centuries. There is no mention of the Star of David in ancient Rabbinic literature. There are many interesting folk stories about the origination of the Star of David. The Israeli Flag is a blue Star of David on a white background. The blue of the Star of David is in direct reference to the command from God for the Jewish people to wear a thread of blue on the corners of their garments (Numbers 15:37-41). The Red Star of David (Magen David Adom) is used by the Israeli Red Cross.

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